Farmer’s Market Groupie


Farmer’s Market Groupie wants to shatter your limiting beliefs about what healthy is, proving once and for all that this lifestyle is inclusive, accessible and affordable. It’s also really delicious. I want to reacquaint you with your core values and help you shop within them because how we consume helps give a stronger footing to businesses that care about our well-being, the future of this planet and the children who will inherit it.

Farmers market tours, grocery tours, classes and workshops are what we do best. There is no cookie cutter approach to healthy living and also, we love engaging our communities and farmers and hope to inspire you to do the same.

Last but definitely not least, to do this right, you¬†have to get cooking! There’s no way around it but why stress? Cooking is fun,¬† cooking makes healthy eating affordable and in a world that demands time away from our loved ones, cooking brings us some time we would normally not have to spend with the people that we love. How cool is that!

See you at the farmer’s market.

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