Conscious Consumerism

If You Eat Meat Be Smart About Your Consumption. Know More!

It’s time for a little tough love folks. I will never lecture anyone about their choice to eat meat. Instead, my work is to educate and inspire my audience to use food as a vehicle for living a healthy and happy life however when I do feel a moral obligation to give some tough love because I feel we are sabotaging the chances of a bright future, I cannot sit idly by. So… We know about the colossal land mass…

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What Is Healthy Anyway?

The most important thing I can tell you is if you are resourceful and committed to living a healthy lifestyle then no matter the financial challenges you are experiencing or the lack of experience you have in the kitchen, you can live a healthy and abundant life. I think what is tripping many of us up along the way is this word “healthy” and grasping the true meaning of that word while so many people are determined to confuse us…

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Wasting Food is Bad Behavior. Change It!

Since 40-50% of food waste in America is at the consumer level then we clearly need to change how we shop for food. Food waste is wrong. Period. It is immoral when you think about how many people (children especially) are hungry in this country and that food waste contributes to the very emissions that are rapidly contributing to climate change. Wasting food can also comes across as entitled and shows a lack of practiced gratitude and appreciation for the cost of…

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