Farmer’s Market Tours

What My Farmer Told Me

Today is Sunday and of course that means I am at the farmer’s market. JR Organics’ had fresh beautiful crown broccoli surrounded by the most gorgeous lush greens and even though I did not plan on buying broccoli today, I am mad for broccoli greens so immediately picked a beauty for myself. Loving them so much I couldn’t imagine anyone ever asking their farmer to remove these like they often request with carrot tops and beet greens. Are broccoli greens victim to this too? And why don’t…

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Will I See You Saturday?

Hello and Happy New Year. It’s 2017 and I’m kicking it off with a FREE farmer’s market tour and conversation on Saturday, January 7th at the Santa Monica Farmers Market . Come learn how to navigate any farmer’s market with confidence and shop with your budget and lifestyle goals in mind. Bring a pad, pen, tote and cash if you would like to buy any of the bounty. This is a FREE two-hour tour, however donations are always appreciated – even if…

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Autumn Has Arrived At The Farmer’s Market

When you see persimmons at the market you know the fall season is in effect! My favorite thing to do with a persimmon? Slice it in half but not all the way through. Put it on s sheet of foil and in the cut put a dollop of coconut oil or butter. Seal foil completely around persimmon and bake at 400 for easy 45 minutes or until super soft – for some reason persimmons take forever to cook down. Let…

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