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What My Farmer Told Me

Today is Sunday and of course that means I am at the farmer’s market. JR Organics’ had fresh beautiful crown broccoli surrounded by the most gorgeous lush greens and even though I did not plan on buying broccoli today, I am mad for broccoli greens so immediately picked a beauty for myself. Loving them so much I couldn’t imagine anyone ever asking their farmer to remove these like they often request with carrot tops and beet greens. Are broccoli greens victim to this too? And why don’t…

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What My Mother Taught Me.

Today marked nine years since my mom passed. It also happened to be her birthday. Though it may get easier to manage my emotions after so much time, the loss of her from my life will never leave me. I always miss her, especially now. Farmer’s Market Groupie is a transition after a long career in organic beauty but food and teaching are core to who I am, because of my mom. When I was a little pee-wee – the nickname my mama had for me – my mother was always…

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