We Love Animals

If You Eat Meat Be Smart About Your Consumption. Know More!

It’s time for a little tough love folks. I will never lecture anyone about their choice to eat meat. Instead, my work is to educate and inspire my audience to use food as a vehicle for living a healthy and happy life however when I do feel a moral obligation to give some tough love because I feel we are sabotaging the chances of a bright future, I cannot sit idly by. So… We know about the colossal land mass…

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It’s Time To Make New Friends.

Oh My My! My heart swelling with LOVE beats. What a beautiful true story about an absolutely true friendship and living proof yet again of the plethora of non-human life, love and conversation that is happening all around us. We are not the only ones with families, friendships, values and feelings. There are beautiful experiences happening for non-humans that are just as deep, valuable and emotional as what we are accustomed to. We are but one species out of probably…

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