Party of Eight

Want To Host A Seasonal Supper But Don’t Want To Cook? Allow me! Menus are complete with farm fresh bounty from my farmer friends, sustainably ranched meats and fish from trusted, local butchers and fishmongers and homemade desserts and breads made entirely from scratch. My high standards, delicious menus and approachable demeanor set your mind at ease and allow you to relish in the company of friends and family without a worry!  Our pantry never includes refined sugar, conventional grains or canola, palm or vegetable oil. Instead we opt for California Ranch, Bluff Cove or olive oil straight from our farmer friends. We also cook with coconut, sesame and avocado oils. Sweets are made using only Heavenly Organics cane sugar, agave or raw honey.

Prices start at $55 per person.  Vegan and Vegetarian menus are always available. Gluten-Free considered.

We easily accommodate 8-12 guests but are always open to collaborate on a larger party.

To plan your next event or if you have any questions Please call 424-361-8100 or email

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