Simple food is delicious and really, all you will ever crave so unless you are trying to be a master chef, stop making your culinary goals so lofty that they are preventing you from doing anything at all in the kitchen.

So, for example – When it comes to eggs you can make an amazing inexpensive meal with just a few… You can whip up an omelet or add veggies, cheese, herbs and or meats with some paprika or herbes de Provence and make a delicious frittata. You can make egg salad by adding some finely chopped herbs, celery, chives and carrots with either mayo or instead a delicious mustard-y vinaigrette. You can add a little flour to some whipped eggs with baking powder and cinnamon and make pancakes or take away the cinnamon and add chopped boiled potatoes, onions, spices and fresh herbs for a savory pancake, topped off with ummmm a poached egg. Add a scrambled raw egg to a veggie stir fry with sesame oil, tamari, chili and some leftover rice for a  delish easy breezy fried rice dish or heck, just fry an egg and put it on buttered toast with a juicy slice of tomato, salt and pepper for a very satisfying egg sandwich that can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Don’t underestimate what you can do with just three ingredients. While your goal may be to follow recipes precisely, my goal is to meet you where you are but eventually help you rely less on recipes because they won’t do you any good if you have a fridge and pantry at the end of the week – or beginning of it –  leftover with odds and ends. You do need to know what you can make with that leftover spinach before it goes bad, those chicken thighs and that last red pepper in the produce bin. I mean, you’re not going to throw it away are you? Of course you aren’t but then that means you have to know what to do with it and fast before it really is inedible!  I want you to learn to be resourceful, creative and trust your instincts in the kitchen so you can whip something delicious up no matter your budget or time constraints. Only good can come from that. xo