Oh My My! My heart swelling with LOVE beats. What a beautiful true story about an absolutely true friendship and living proof yet again of the plethora of non-human life, love and conversation that is happening all around us. We are not the only ones with families, friendships, values and feelings. There are beautiful experiences happening for non-humans that are just as deep, valuable and emotional as what we are accustomed to. We are but one species out of probably millions of life species that live on this planet and just because we stand tall and have free will does not make us better. Especially when human beings have been doing a pretty good job of destroying almost every natural resource we need to survive. SURVIVE. I mean who would throw away their last drop of food? That is pretty much what we are doing as humans on earth so clearly it’s time we stop doing and instead do more observing and listening to what Nature is telling us. Because, yes, she is talking to us.

As the world shifts and yields to a destiny unknown, my advice is that we follow the love in our heart and do what is intrinsically the right thing to do. Heed to that, yield to it and be stronger because of it. Respect LIFE more. Love animals more and maybe even sacrifice a little of yourself to help them out a bit. Only good can come from that!

Let’s talk to Nature more and make real promises to her that we keep. Let’s thank Her more often and also ask Her for forgiveness. We have all played a role in Her burden and it would humble us to take responsibility for our role in Her pain and make a commitment to be better. No more being harmful, hurtful or unkind. No more acting from a sense of entitlement when it is clear that someone else will be hurt because of it.

Instead listening and being in harmony with Her is the way to go and then we keep our promise to Her even on the days that we don’t think we do because we are more conscious and our hearts are becoming softer, more caring and more aligned to the needs of connection we have to all living beings.

Tortoise, bunny, bear, tiger Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary: home of the BLT cow or pig The Gentle Barn, we are all ONE family. Your plight is undeniably mine too. Clearly, we are all in this together.

A lil quote from this very short beautiful story:
“As the Rangers attempted to remove the bunny, so as to clear the plant debris from its neck, the tortoise became quite responsive to their actions, emitting grunts & groans in a clear demand for the gentle care of his newly found friend,” he said.

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