Today is Sunday and of course that means I am at the farmer’s market. JR Organics’ had fresh beautiful crown broccoli surrounded by the most gorgeous lush greens and even though I did not plan on buying broccoli today, I am mad for broccoli greens so immediately picked a beauty for myself. Loving them so much I couldn’t imagine anyone ever asking their farmer to remove these like they often request with carrot tops and beet greens. Are broccoli greens victim to this too? And why don’t more of you know that these greens are more delicious food that can make more delicious meals and can give you more delicious bang for your buck?

I asked my farmer Goyo. “Do customer’s ask to remove these greens?” and without hesitation, he said yes and added that it happens “all of the time”. Knowing how scrumptious these greens are I was horrified and thought hell, save them for me but then he said that he loves broccoli greens too and so with one’s trash it’s his treasure because he takes them all. PHEW!

But what if you weren’t at the farmer’s market where someone else, human or farm animal can utilize them? Would you actually take the greens off at home and, dare I say it, throw them away? Please stop! Greens are food! Even the ones that hug a head of cauliflower are insanely delicious when sautéed or chopped and added to soups or used to flavor veggie stock. If only you knew this than maybe you would not insist that fresh food is so expensive and see for yourself how many more meals you could make if you stopped tossing your living food.

I am so grateful that Farmer’s Market Groupie exists because I must help you shop smarter and save money! This lifestyle that you think is so expensive, actually is not if you knew your way around fresh food and were more thoughtful to it, noting more often how much you can yield from a head of broccoli or bunch of beets. Your boxed foods don’t give returns like that.

Greens are so easy to cook. They don’t take a long time at all and taste delicious raw on burgers, in your favorite grain bowls and in salads and slaws. Carrot greens for example are fantastic in stocks and salads and even in carrot pesto! Please engage your farmer or email me and ask us when you’re stuck on how to use carrot tops, beet, turnip and radish greens and broccoli greens in your everyday meals. We got you!